Evergreen Trading’ Inventory Protection Assurance

Inventory protection seal
ost excess inventories require safeguards surrounding their resale. Price levels need to be maintained, sales channels must be carefully selected, and assurances are needed that the product won’t be re-wholesaled. No matter how skilled the trading company is at delivering media, if the product ends up in the wrong hands, the transaction will not have been a success.

Evergreen Trading’ Inventory Protection Assurance guarantees that your needs for the inventory resale will be met and that the sale of the product will integrate smoothly within your normal distribution.

The Inventory Protection Assurance provides you with:

• The freedom to restrict all accounts to whom you don’t want the product sold. You may have product that was sold at full price on the shelves in certain retailers and do not wish to sell the excess of that product to nearby competitors. We will abide by those restrictions.

• Your ability to suggest specific accounts into which you would like the product sold. Often clients want the inventory to be sold to specific account or company store.

• Our facilities to store the product if the entire inventory cannot be sold all at once. Price integrity can sometimes be maintained by selling small portions of an inventory at periodic intervals. We have warehouse facilities across the country which allow us to immediately buy the inventory while selling it off at lower quantities.

• Guarantees that the product will be retailed at the account to whom it was originally sold. Our relationships with the retailers to whom we sell ensures that your product will not be re-wholesaled.

• The option to have your inventory sold into non-traditional channels. We are very capable of selling an inventory into channels that consume the product rather than resell it. Those channels include media vendors, charitable organizations, our friends and family network, and clusters of small retailers throughout the country.

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