Increase the efficiency of your retail media buying

Media-banner-and-testimonialYou work hard at squeezing more efficiency out of your media buying without compromising quality.

By tapping into the media trading marketplace, you can reduce your media costs by as much as 10-20% for the very same media schedules you will place through your in-house buying team or your agency. Your agency can’t access that marketplace but we can.

Evergreen Trading buys media on behalf of some of the world’s largest and most respected brands through the media trading marketplace and would like to extend to you the same benefits. The portion of media you choose to buy through us will be placed by the in-house trading division of our our media partner, Horizon Media. We are not replacing your advertising agency, simply creating savings for you on their planned schedules.

What is the catch? Well, the rates are provided to us by you and your advertising agency who will review each buy to ensure costs and commercial terms are at par with your normal buying. We contractually guarantee the costs and terms of each buy. And all media is bought at net to allow for full agency commission.

Maybe the catch is that for the selected media, we are doing the actual buying, not your agency. But that’s not much of a catch if we are getting guidance from your agency and in the end, you are able to save substantially on your advertising costs.

Call Mark Ordover at 914.420.6678 to learn more and to schedule a conversation with the appropriate people on your team to discuss this in greater detail.