Improving your media cost efficiencies

Evergreen Trading can reduce the cost of certain types of media that you are placing as part of your overall cost-cutting initiative. By placing a portion of broadcast, print, out-of-home and digital media through Evergreen Trading via our access to the media trading marketplace, you can lower the aggregate expense of your planned advertising.

Our high price purchase of inventories, real estate, gift cards and everything else is due to our ability to purchase media at a cost basis that is lower than our clients. The difference between our clients’ media costs and ours provides the funds to pay more for inventories, fund lease termination agreements and every other financial benefit we provide.

It’s not that our clients happen to overpay for their media. Quite the contrary, they are some of the world’s most efficient media buyers. Our unique buying ability is due to our access to the media trading marketplace where stations, publishers, outdoor media companies and digital publishers all trade their time and space for needed goods and services. As a leading participant in that specialized media marketplace, we gain a significant cost advantage from which our clients benefit.

Now you can gain access to that media even if you have no excess inventories, surplus real estate or other undervalued corporate asset.

The following illustrates how our access to the media trading marketplace translates into a financial benefit to you. We’ve also created a short video on how advertising agencies can utilize our trading ability to benefit their clients. Within it is a clear illustration of the media trading marketing place functions.

Media trading marketplace