The growing power of Out of Home advertising

New Orleans was home to over one thousand attendees ranging from media providers to agencies to advertisers gathered in from May 15 –17 to discuss the current state of the U.S. Out of Home (OOH) industry. Our own Jessica Chappell, VP, Director, Out of Home, attended and reported back the following state of OOH media.

The event was quite a celebration of all things Out of Home, and given the growing influence of that medium, why not?

A few quick facts demonstrate the growth of Out of Home (OOH):

  • Revenue is at an all time high of $7.6 billion
  • 28 consecutive quarters of growth
  • ¼ of the Top 100 OOH advertisers are digital or tech brands
  • OOH’s share will surpass magazines this year, and newspapers in 2019

It’s been proven that OOH drives online engagement. According to Nielsen’s OOH Online Activation Survey, OOH ads drive engagement online more efficiently than other media:


Combine the high engagement with the fact that, according to a study published by Peter J. Solomon, OOH ads achieve the highest level of recall compared to other media.

Smart Responsive Data

Buying OOH advertising is becoming more of a science through new reporting methods.

For the first time OOH data is available in SQAD and Telmarto to general media planners and agencies. This data allows planners to understand OOH costs by market as well as the impact on media plan reach and frequency deliveries.

Geopath, the industry’s OOH measurement organization, has also launched new buying tools and audience measurement data available down to specific billboard locations. This data includes demographic-specific impressions, rating points and consumer psychographic behaviors.

What this means for you

  • Advertisers should consider OOH as part of their media mix as reliable research shows this media has the ability to drive stronger results than ever before.
  • Through SQAD, Telmarand Geopathagencies have the tools needed to better buy and understand OOH’s contribution to a media plan.
  • OOH should be tested for any campaign that relies heavily on mobile and digital media due to its proven ability to amplify and drive online engagement.
  • For those who wish to test OOH, affordable solutions for measuring attribution are available and advertisers should ask their agencies for information.
  • Good creative is equally important in driving results. Advertisers therefore, should put as much emphasis on message content as they do on where it is placed.

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