Evergreen Trading Giving Fund

Providing a financial benefit to our clients and trading partners through corporate trade is just part of our mission. Everyone at Evergreen Trading is committed to giving back to the world community in which we live and work.  To honor this commitment, the Evergreen Trading Giving Fund was established as a vehicle to support charities consistent with the values of Evergreen Trading.

The Giving Fund will be maintained by the donation of a minimum of 2% of the company’s gross profits.

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One of the accomplishments of the Giving Fund was our seed funding for the Action Center in Jefferson County Colorado.

In 2012, The Evergreen Trading Giving Fund (ETGF) provided the start-up money for The Action Center to expand their 45 day emergency homeless shelter (the only general purpose shelter in Jefferson County Colorado) by developing a much needed After Care Program. ETGF has been a consistent supporter since 2012.

Shelter guests can only stay at the shelter for 45 days which is clearly not enough time to find housing, locate reliable employment, stabilize ones family and begin to develop the skills necessary to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  The After-Care Program, funded by Evergreen Trading, provides an intensive skill building Case-Manager to follow families and individuals after they have graduated from the 45 shelter stay. The staff works with clients to sharpen skill-sets, identify and retain employment and locate affordable permanent housing options so that clients, with a lot of hard work, transform themselves into self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

In 2014, Evergreen Trading increased its funding to the Action Center; helping the After-Care Program increase it’s staffing to serve more clients.


For more information on the Giving Fund or to discuss possible projects, call Kaethe Zellner at 914-629-6057 email kzellner@evergreen-partners.com