Fulfilling the diverse financial and marketing needs of a national convenience store chain

In order to maintain peak efficiencies in their operations, the country’s leading convenience store chain has utilized a variety of services from Evergreen Trading.

Short-coded coffee within branded packaging

The chain found themselves with branded packages of seasonal flavored short-coded coffee. Evergreen Trading bought the entire inventory and, to accommodate the client’s needs, removed the coffee from the branded packaging and sold the resulting bulk product to a wholesale coffee distributor.

The client recovered their full cost of the coffee while protecting the brand. Evergreen Trading provided a turnkey logistical process which made removal and transportation of the product simple for the client.

In return for the purchase, Evergreen Trading placed radio and out of home advertising in coordination with the client’s advertising agency. For one of the largest marketing rollouts in the client’s history, each media element had to launch in sync within a complex 360 degree campaign.

  • Evergreen Trading executed all the campaign’s local activation (radio & OOH) and a portion of the digital/mobile
  • Local support was highlighted by radio remotes featuring popular station personalities and food trucks driving awareness and sampling

Unused real estate

As business grew and facilities needs changed, the chain found themselves with three office buildings they no longer needed. Because their book value and carrying costs were above market values, the resulting asking price made selling the buildings a challenge. The properties also had physical problems needing remedies along with one of the properties needing to be legally subdivided.

Evergreen Trading immediately took title by purchasing all three properties at above market value. We facilitated the renovation and the process for subdivision, and resold them to buyers at market value.

In exchange, we placed radio and out of home media in major national markets for a new product roll-out.

  • We implemented their media Strategy to “Own the AM” to effectively connect with commuters during their daily commute when morning messaging was contextually relevant to the new product.
  • Evergreen Trading and the creative agency worked side by side to ensure their creative messaging would play off the media environment which was:
    • Transit Take Over
    • Station Dominations
    • AM Drive Time ownership

Corporate artwork

As an example of the wide variety of assets routinely purchased by Evergreen Trading, this client had a large collection of artwork that they no longer desired. It was occupying valuable space and costing a certain amount of overhead to store.

Evergreen trading purchased the art for its original book value and removed it from its various locations. We then sold it to corporate buyers and to our friends and family network who desired pieces of the collection.

We continued to place radio and out of home media for the client for a variety of promotions and for their regularly scheduled advertising needs.