Enjoy greater media efficiencies

The core of our capabilities is our purchase of media in the traded media marketplace where media vendors trade their media time and space for needs goods and services.Our ability to access that media market provides us with a lower cost basis for the broadcast, print, outdoor, and digital media we acquire on behalf of our clients.

While most of our clients pay Evergreen Trading for media with their excess inventory and other distressed corporate assets, you can access our media acquisition services by simply buying a portion of your planned media directly through us.

All media acquired through Evergreen Trading, whether as a trade for inventory or as a straight purchase, is first quality advertising bought off your plan and overseen by your advertising agency or in-house media professionals.

There is sometimes a perception that the media acquired in the traded media marketplace is somehow compromised. The belief is that because the media time or space is traded for with goods and services, it is lesser media that that paid for with cash.

The simple answer is that it is the same media you or your agency would buy with cash. Yes, Evergreen Trading may trade hotel nights for cable television time, but the network receiving the hotel credit expects the rooms to be the same as they would have bought with their cash. No restrictions, black-out dates, or substandard accommodations. Similarly, the network time we receive in exchange must run as ordered with commercial terms just as if we bought it with cash.