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Final Digital Media Globe

You want more mobile, display, or video advertising to promote your products and your brand but your marketing budget is limited. Or perhaps your media budget doesn’t yet include digital and you’re not sure of the best place to start. Regardless, Evergreen Trading may have the answer.

Through our proprietary media acquisition strategies and partnerships, Evergreen Trading – through the in-house trading division of Horizon Media – will provide you with first quality digital media that you can pay for in a variety of ways.

•  Cash  Simply acquire digital media as you currently buy it. Through Evergreen Trading, however, you will receive more media for your dollar than you do now – from between 15% to 20% more.

•  Excess inventory  Evergreen Trading will take payment in excess inventory or current product and distribute it to accounts that integrate with your current distribution.

•  Surplus real estate  Evergreen Trading will gladly take challenged real estate and pay you above market for those properties.

•  Gift cards  Use your gift cards at full face value as currency with which you can buy digital media. We will distribute the cards into our large network of corporate clients and media vendors, bringing additional customers into your stores or web site.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, all media is placed from your digital strategy. We can work with you and your agency to create a digital plan that will meet your objectives while providing you with:

  • A broad flexibility in sites, creative formats, tactics, and platforms
  • High quality and agency-specified plans
  • Strategic guidance as needed
    • Viewable impression media
    • Industry-leading creativity and innovation
    • Specialized expertise across display, video, social and mobile


Through Evergreen Trading, you can take full advantage of the growing digital media opportunities and pay for that media with cash, inventory, gift cards or real estate.