A different way to trade

Evergreen Trading is not the only corporate trading company. We are, however, significantly different in several areas that directly increase the value you can gain through a trading relationship.

1. Quickest use of the media credit/lowest media placement requirement

  • Evergreen Trading’s cost-basis is the lowest in the trading industry.
  • Our partner, Horizon Media’s $7.5 billion buying volume makes us the preferred trading partner to the media vendors
  • Evergreen Trading’s uniquely efficient corporate structure creates additional value that passes through to its clients

2. Highest quality media placement of any trading company

  • Evergreen Trading is a media company that trades – not a trading company that buys media
  • We will provide the services you need – from simply executing your media plans to providing planning services through our internal team integrated with the significant resources of Horizon Media.
  • Our partnership with Horizon Media offers access to a suite of proprietary business intelligence platforms and tools available through no other trading company.

3. Development and servicing of transactions by the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the trading industry

  • All senior professionals within Evergreen Trading assigned to the your account have at least 20 years experience in corporate trade.
  • Evergreen Trading’s head of real estate operations has 20 years as an intermediary, principal, and advisor within the commercial real estate industry and 15 years in corporate trade.
  • The professionals creating the transaction and initially interacting with you will service the account throughout your entire trading relationship.

4. Third-party objectivity and independence provides rigorous quality control and pricing integrity

  • We are a third party, arms-length vendor from your advertising agency.
  • The absence of business or financial ties to your agency insures the proper checks and balances throughout the media placement process (Read our article on ad agency/trading company relationships)
  • Willing to utilize third-party media audit services

5. Industry-leading communication resources

  • Clear intelligible guidance on gaining the most benefit from a trading relationship with Evergreen Trading. (Download our book on getting the most out of trade.)
  • We believe that knowledge is power. We publish an extensive on-line library of articles, videos, and podcasts answering common questions (Read our FAQ).