Cristina Mena joins Evergreen Trading


We are very pleased to announce that Cristina Mena, has joined the team of Evergreen Trading.

A true international citizen, Cristina was born and raised in the UK. After earning her BA in International Business, Cristina moved to Spain to work with Ernst & Young in research and as a consultant advising in Knowledge Management, and then worked at Vignette a global leader in content management as Sales Operations for South EMEA.

After her time in Spain, Cristina began her career in the Corporate Trade industry in New York structuring transactions and managing asset portfolios in Europe and the US. For the past eight years, Cristina has managed complex trading structures with senior executives ranging from tactical transactions to large enterprise agreements.

"I'm thrilled to be part of the innovative structure and media delivery process of Evergreen Trading. It’s an exciting time in the Corporate Trade world, and I look forward bringing a superior level of service and trade value to companies holding undervalued assets."

Cristina lives with her husband and two young children in New York, and in her spare time enjoys travel, snowboarding and tennis.

To contact Cristina, call her at: 212.498.9820 or write her at




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