Creating capital for a variety of needs

Could your company benefit from an influx of capital that came to you with no hard costs?

That is the core service provided to our clients by Evergreen Trading. By placing a portion of your broadcast, out-of-home, or digital advertising, we create capital that can be used for any corporate need.

Through our ability to buy advertising time and space within the traded media marketplace, we achieve a lower cost basis for the media we place for our clients. Within the difference between our cost and our client’s planned rates lies a source of capital that we return to our clients. In other words, you pay what you would normally pay for a select portion of your media and we return to you a percentage of that in cash that you can use for a wide variety of needs.

Use this capital for:

Is the media we place for you compromised in any way? No. The media time and space we acquire for you is the same quality media bought for you by your advertising agency. And one of the important roles your advertising agency plays in the process is to provide us with the media plan and then to evaluate the media after it has run. We guarantee our media performance to the same standards to which your agency is held. No compromises.

The Marketing and Media teams within your company will appreciate that all media will be bought by the in-house trading division of Horizon Media. Horizon Media is a $4 billion award-winning New York placement agency that will provide you with:

  • The experience and expertise to insure that the portion of media we place for you will be done in strict accordance with your agency’s buying parameters
  • Cutting edge and proprietary digital media tools
  • Media buying at net to allow for the full normal compensation of your advertising agency

Visit our page called Your Marketing Advantage to learn more about our media placement capabilities and how your organization will benefit from the difference of Evergreen Trading.

Evaluating our service and seeing how it could be effective for you is simple:

  1. Participate with us in a meeting at your facilities or a webinar to review our service in greater detail.
  2. Allow us to review a recent or future media plan.
  3. Make your decision based upon our proposal.