Creating additional marketing funds

Through the media trading process of Evergreen Trading, cash is generated from our placement of a portion of your budgeted broadcast, out-of-home, or digital advertising. In other words, let us place your upcoming $3MM national television schedule, and we can create $500,000 of cash.

Those numbers are approximations and ultimately are determined by our review of your media, but they reflect a return similar to that which we provide to our clients. To understand exactly how we create cash from media placement, watch this short video on creating cash from media placement.

What can you do with $500,000 of extra cash?

  • Invest it into additional media within that national schedule
  • Augment your digital campaigns
  • Buy a sponsorship for which you’ve lacked the budget
  • Be reimbursed for a block of media you no longer want but for which you’ve committed
  • Make overdue modifications to your web site
  • Create that social media project your agency has proposed
  • Sell off an excess inventory of product that didn’t sell as projected

If your advertising agency offered to write you a check for $500,000 to fund, say, a sporting event sponsorship, and all they asked in return was for the continuation of their media placement duties, you’d probably be quick to say “YES”. The difference is that you don’t yet know or trust Evergreen Trading enough to turn over a portionĀ of your hard-fought media budget.

Start to gain comfort with us knowing:

  • All media is bought by the in-house trading division of Horizon Media, an award-winning $4 billion New York placement agency
  • The media we place for you is billed at net to allow you to fully compensate your agency as you normally would
  • We will place the media at your planned rates and commercial terms including any bonuses or merchandising extras you would normally receive. No compromises.