Corporate trade is NOT just for selling excess inventory

If you've had any experience at all with corporate trade, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the selling of excess inventory, right? While it is true that every corporate trade company can buy your excess, closeout, or obsolete inventory, there is much more to this financial service.

One primary reason to utilize corporate trade is to sell your excess inventory at a value much higher than the current cash market will bear. So, where does the trading company obtain the funds necessary to pay more than the cash market for that inventory? Those funds arise from your purchase of advertising, printing, frieght and other services from the trading company  . If capital can be raised from those purchases, why can't it be used for other applications?

Well, for corporate traders who are creative and know their craft, it can.

The applications, therefore, for corporate trade are limited only by the creativity of the combined thinking between the trading company and you, the client. Here are a few possible applications of corporate trade for you to consider:

The question becomes: If you had access to interest-free capital, what might be the most benefitical use of that capital? Once you answer that question, consider corporate trade as a great source for those desired funds.

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