Consumer electronics solutions for 2016

CES image for billboard page - cropped


As CES kicks off 2016, Evergreen Trading would like to provide you with some valuable tools for increasing sales and reducing the expense and resources required of you for your 2016 advertising.

We can provide you with a variety of solutions including:

  • Purchasing excess or closed-out inventory for more than market value and selling it safely outside of your current channels
  • Reducing your cost of broadcast, out-of-home and digital advertising. Pay for a portion of your advertising with your product, unwanted assets or cash.
  • Creating for you zero-cost funding for unbudgeted needs. Simply place a pre-determined amount of your planned media through us.

Yes, we are experts at both advertising placement and the purchase and distribution of inventory. Although seemingly unrelated capabilities, our business model allows our clients to place through us the advertising they and their agency have planned – and do so in strict accordance with their rates and commercial terms. We simply allow our clients to pay for it with either above market value unwanted assets like product or with a reduced amount of cash.

To learn about some of the benefit we’ve provided our clients, visit

We welcome an opportunity to talk to you this week at CES. Feel free to call Michael Lake at 480-678-2912 to find a time and place at the show.