A lucrative source of nonprofit funding that you probably have not considered

A lucrative source of nonprofit funding that you probably have not considered

According to the most recent Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2014 State of Nonprofit Sector Survey, 80% of non-profits reported an increase in a demand for their services, yet 56% were unable to financially meet the demand in their last fiscal year. With decreasing Government grants and funding, and private donations unable to meet the growing needs of nonprofits, finding a new method of raising needed cash is critical. Here’s one of which you are probably unaware.

Media trading can offer the answer. Through the placement of already budgeted broadcast, out-of-home and digital advertising, funds can be generated by Evergreen Trading to provide cash back to the advertiser or the advertiser’s designee. Because a trading company like Evergreen Trading pays for media time and space from the media vendors with goods and services, its cost basis is lower than those paying with cash. That lower cost provides for the funds mentioned above.

The following illustrates the process of placing a budgeted $1MM national TV campaign through Evergreen Trading via our joint venture partner Horizon Media, and the $100,000 that is subsequently generated for the nonprofit. The exact amount of funds that can be generated will be determined by a review of the media to be placed.

trade Illustration for nonprofitThe above process depends on a media placement from the nonprofit itself. We can also generate funds through the media placement of a third party.

For example, if one of your corporate donors wishes to place their own $1MM broadcast, outdoor or digital schedule through Evergreen Trading, the funds that we generate can go to your nonprofit. Depending on the amount of media they place through Evergreen Trading, your corporate donors could make a contribution greater than they could otherwise afford.

A quick analysis can be made of the funding potential of either your planned advertising or of your donor’s. Who knows, 2015 could be your best financial year yet.