Simon Sinek on why good leaders make you feel safe

Simon Sinek on why good leaders make you feel safe

You may know Simon Sinek from his remarkable book called Start With Why.

He has also done two TED talks on leadership in which he makes some interesting points about the role of a leader and the difference between being the boss and being an inspiring leader.

His most recent talk focuses on the quality of a good leader that makes the people they lead feel safe, and why that is so effective.

As you watch this, think about the way you lead and the people leading you…

How successful leaders think

How successful leaders think

Think of the last time you were confronted with two alternatives. Nether one was a great choice, but you felt compelled to choose one – the best.

You probably don't have to think too hard since this is a very common scenario. In fact, it is so common that most of us routinely look for the opposite of the less desired option as the only alternative. 

It turns out that there is an important skill that can be learned as an solution to the either-or dilemma. In a Harvard Business Review paper written by Roger Martin, the "Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, entitled, How Successful Leaders Think, Roger outlines a thinking method that involves creating a synthesis of two seemingly opposing alternatives. "Martin calls this "Integrative Thinking".

Using Bob Young, the founder of software giant Red Hat, as one example of integrative thinking, Martin shows how the whole of the software industry saw only two methods of distributing software: The proprietary model employed by companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP in which the software is sold but the source code is kept proprietary, and the so-called free software model in which companies sold their software for a very low price and gave away the source code (open source).

Not liking either of those alternative distribution models, Young pioneered a synthesis of the two that allowed Red Hat to go public and become a $1.3 billion company. Great business leaders like Jack Welsh, Steve Jobs, and Bob Young don't lock themselves into an either-or scenario, and this well written paper illustrates the important life skill of creating a third alternative out of a synthesis of the most obvious two and how that ability can be mastered by you.

To read the Harvard Business Review paper, click:

I listened to it as an audio file. If you'd like to make the most of your 30 minute commute tonight, click here.

Leadership by Seth Godin

Leadership by Seth Godin

There are a few people in this world who, whenever they open their mouth to speak, priceless gems fall out. The question we all should be asking ourselves is: “Are we catching them”?

In this brilliant seven minutes by Seth Godin, the gems are flying. His thoughts on leadership and on the future should be heard, and then of course, acted upon. To watch this video, click:

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