Exactly how can we purchase your gift cards?

Exactly how can we purchase your gift cards?

It might be the time of year, or just that our program is gaining popularity, but we are being asked more and more about how we purchase gift cards.

Even though we wrote a pretty comprehensive post a while back on the subject, let's dig a little deeper into the process through which Evergreen Trading can purchase your gift cards.

As a review, Evergreen Trading will purchase a large bulk of your gift cards at their full face value. No discounts, fees or commissions. All we ask in return is that you place a portion of your normal, budgeted advertising through us via Horizon Media. No, you're not advertising your gift cards through us, just allowing us to place a bit of your normal promotional or branding advertising. If your advertising agency offered to purchase a few million dollars worth of gift cards at face value from you simply in exchange for your continuing media placement through them, it would be an easy decision.

Here's our process for purchasing your gift cards:

  1. After executing a confidentiality agreement, we look at your media plan to determine some numbers on our purchase.
  2. We advise you as to the amount of gift cards we will buy.
  3. We execute an agreement for our purchase of your cards.
  4. We place an agreed upon portion of your media plan, and you pay your invoice as you would normally, except that your payment is to Evergreen Trading.
  5. Within 30 days of our receipt of funds for the media, we buy your gift cards.

We are placing your normal advertising just as your in-house or outside agency would. No compromises. We'll ask the same in terms of the cards we purchase from you. The gift cards should have no expiration and should be usable throughout your entire chain, no differently than the cards purchased through your current channels.

What will we do with your cards? Several things. We have on-line partners who are set up to distribute the cards. We have an extensive friends and family network. We also use gift cards as a tradable commodity to our media partners. The media community has a robust appetite for gift cards and, as such, could turn out to be our largest source of distribution.

If you are looking for a large scale sale of your gift cards, consider Evergreen Trading as one of your most lucrative sales channels.


Store gift cards as corporate currency?

Store gift cards as corporate currency?

In the beginning, there were paper gift certificates, made popular mainly by department stores going all the way back to the 1930s. Then in 1995, borrowing from the pre-paid phone card technology, Mobil Oil created the first plastic card with a magnetic strip to record gas purchases. But in that same year, it was none other than Blockbuster that created the first gift card that could be purchased and loaded with a desired dollar value for store purchases and rentals. Little did Blockbuster know that it was originating what this past Christmas delivered over $100 billion in purchases to retailers and on-line merchants.

What major retailer doesn't sell a gift card these days? No longer limited to being bought in the sponsoring store, huge varieties of gift cards can now be purchased everywhere from your corner grocery store to hundreds of online venues at the click of a mouse.

Think about it… A wallet-sized card pre-loaded with a desired denomination that can be spent in stores or on-line at any time. Sound like currency? Sure, but could it be currency for the retail issuer of the card as well? Currency that can be spent like cash for operations, cost of goods sold, or other non-budgeted needs? Manufactured money!

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