Sharon Marshall joins Evergreen Trading

Sharon Marshall joins Evergreen Trading

Active_SharonMarshall enlargedA good friend and previous long-time colleague of many of us has joined the Evergreen Trading team. Sharon Marshall is now our Senior Vice President, General Counsel.

Many of us worked with Sharon in our previous trading company positions. She is without doubt the top legal mind in the corporate trading business and we are fortunate to have her. To provide legal counsel in corporate trade demands more than legal schooling and the moniker of attorney. Because of the myriad structures and permutations possible in a trade transaction, crafting the nuances into an effective formal written agreement requires a great deal of experience in the business – experience one only gains by writing thousands of agreements and by working side by side for years with colleagues and clients.

Sharon started her legal career at the Law Firm of Epstein, Becker & Green before moving into the corporate sector where she was appointed the Corporate Counsel of the DSN Companies, an affiliation of insurance companies and service contract administrators. She thereafter joined a New York-based corporate trading company where she was ultimately promoted to General Counsel. Sharon’s expertise includes mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, complex financing arrangements, employment-related law, intellectual property, corporate governance and compliance, insurance and real estate. 

“I couldn’t be happier to be here at Evergreen Trading working side by side with people I consider the best minds in the corporate trade business. But, more than smart people, these are guys and gals who are determined to change the face of corporate trade – a mission I’m thrilled to be part of.” 

Sharon holds a J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, an M.S.W. from Wurzweiler School of Social Work and a B.A. from Clark University. She also holds a certificate in Mediation Training. She is a member of the Association of Corporate Counsel, the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, the Rockland County Women’s Bar Association and Martindale-Hubbell Connected. A mother of four, Sharon lives with her husband in Rockland County, New York.

Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement address

Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement address

Evergreen Trading on their Macs

On September 9 and 10, the Evergreen Trading team congregated in the Horizon Media's New York offices to discuss Corporate Trading world domination and other cool topics of interest to all of us.

I shot the above photo (with my iPhone) after being struck by how many on our team are using Macs. And that got me thinking about Steve Jobs and Apple's profound and growing influence on the business community, which got me thinking about Steve's unparalleled ability to move an audience with his words.

There is probably no better example of Steve's brilliant ability to tell a story ending with a profound lesson than his 2005 Stanford commencement address. It's worthwhile for all of us to occasionally be reminded of his keen life lessons within the three stories Steve tells at this remarkable occasion. So, here is his speech that has the power to change how you view the past, present and future of your life.


Cristina Mena joins Evergreen Trading

Cristina Mena joins Evergreen Trading


We are very pleased to announce that Cristina Mena, has joined the team of Evergreen Trading.

A true international citizen, Cristina was born and raised in the UK. After earning her BA in International Business, Cristina moved to Spain to work with Ernst & Young in research and as a consultant advising in Knowledge Management, and then worked at Vignette a global leader in content management as Sales Operations for South EMEA.

After her time in Spain, Cristina began her career in the Corporate Trade industry in New York structuring transactions and managing asset portfolios in Europe and the US. For the past eight years, Cristina has managed complex trading structures with senior executives ranging from tactical transactions to large enterprise agreements.

"I'm thrilled to be part of the innovative structure and media delivery process of Evergreen Trading. It’s an exciting time in the Corporate Trade world, and I look forward bringing a superior level of service and trade value to companies holding undervalued assets."

Cristina lives with her husband and two young children in New York, and in her spare time enjoys travel, snowboarding and tennis.

To contact Cristina, call her at: 212.498.9820 or write her at




Are you the outstanding New Business Director we are looking for?

Are you the outstanding New Business Director we are looking for?

Help wanted newspaperEvergreen Trading is hiring again. This time for a well-qualified person to identify new business opportunities for corporate trade.

The job allows you to work from your home office using the phone, email, and the internet to qualify new business opportunities for a fascinating financial service. We provide extensive training and the best tools and resources available. Michael Lake, our VP Marketing, is the top trainer in the industry and will be your partner in helping you develop your connections and setting conference calls and meetings.

Our complete posting is on LinkedIn and can be found:


John O’Reilly joins the Evergreen Trading team

John O’Reilly joins the Evergreen Trading team

John O'ReillyWe are very pleased to announce that a long-time friend and colleague of many of ours, John O'Reilly, has joined Evergreen Trading. A 19-year vetran of Corporate Trade and expert at managing clients through their use of trade, John is our new Senior Vice President, Account Management.

Account Management is a critical position within Evergreen Trading because guiding clients through the implementation of their trade transaction provides them with many important benefits. The guidance we provide clients assures them quicker use of the advertising credit, smoother integration between us and their Marketing people and advertising agency, and a reduction in their internal resources to manage the transaction.

Now, with John's keen oversight of this critical function, a more focused and measured implementation of client management will foster even greater trade value and an easier process between clients and Evergreen Trading. "I'm thrilled to be part of Evergreen Trading and working with people I consider to be the top minds in the entire corporate trade industry."

When John is not overseeing the client trading process, he can be seen running the roads of New Jersey and elsewhere where he may be working out or racing. An avid runner for almost 15 years, John has run the marathons of NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Hartford. Most recently, John ran the Belmar 5 Mile Race where within a field of 2,800 runners. He finished in top 18% overall and third for his age group.

Belmar Five Shot

ET’s Bob Wilson bikes 123 miles and up 12,000 feet!

ET’s Bob Wilson bikes 123 miles and up 12,000 feet!

Bob Wilson at Finish

Our head of Merchandise Sales, Bob Wilson, put his athleticism and bike riding prowess to the test last weekend as he participated in the grueling bike ride through the mountains of Colorado known as the Triple Bypass.

Bob spent 10 hours riding 123 miles over three mountain ranges reaching as high as 12,000 feet, finishing the ride, appropriately, in Evergreen, Colorado – the home of Evergreen Trading’ founder Gordon Zellner and his family. Given the range of altitude, diverse weather conditions were to be expected. Bob rode through stiff wind, rain, fog, hot sun, and freezing air.

Having trained for this ride for the last few months, Bob got himself in top condition, but still admitted to not being sure if he would be able to endure. “Looking up at those massive mountains before the race, I was a little scared – and wondered whether I was in good enough shape to make it to the finish, confessed Bob.

Well, Bob did better than just finish. He finished within the top 12% of these elite bikers, and as you can see from the photo, had energy to spare!

Jonathan Watson joins the Evergreen Trading’ team

Jonathan Watson joins the Evergreen Trading’ team

A special advisor to General David Patraeus, an MBA graduate currently completing a doctorate in Business Administration, the founder and CEO of a personalized drug and alcohol treatment center, the founder and CEO of a sports management firm, and a Senior Scout within the US Special Operations. No, these are not five different individuals – it is the resume of our latest addition to the Evergreen-Partner's team, Jonathan Watson.

Jonathan comes to Evergreen Trading with not just a wealth of diverse life experience, but with an impressive business acumen and great enthusiasm for Corporate Trade. As the Director of New Business Development, Jonathan will work closely with Sales and Marketing to identify qualified organizations for Evergreen Trading' trading services and communicate to senior people within those organizations about the benefits of trade.

"I'm fascinated by the business model developed by Evergreen Trading. It's unlike any tool I've seen for solving pretty much any distressed asset or budget deficiency problem. This is really an impressive team, and I look forward to being part of it and contributing to the growth of Evergreen Trading."

We only hope that the excitement of locating qualified opportunities for corporate trade can compete with Jonathan's previous life of covert missions in the Middle East!

A video introduction to the Evergreen Trading team

A video introduction to the Evergreen Trading team

Our team page has consistently been the most popular page on our site. I think that’s because all we sell is the expertise and service of our people to turn your excess inventory into greater value through trade. Prospective clients want to look under the hood, and reading about our people is exactly how to do that.

So, we just updated our team video so that you can get a better feel for some of the members on our senior team. We’ve been growing and adding some top talent, so click below to watch and listen to a collection of the best minds in the corporate trade business.


Jonathan Sorkenn joins Evergreen Trading

Jonathan Sorkenn joins Evergreen Trading

Jonathan-Sorkenn-better-croppedSolving corporate real estate problems is one of the great strengths of corporate trade, but crafting the intricacies of a real estate transaction requires a specialized expertise. Evergreen Trading greatly expanded that expertise recently by bringing Jonathan Sorkenn on to our senior team.

With more than 20 years in commercial real estate and 10 years in corporate trade, Jonathan is one of most knowledgeable people in the industry when it comes to developing trades for surplus office buildings, retail space, manufacturing facilities, and land – as well as lease mitigation structures for reimbursing payments for unwanted leases or outright termination. Some of his more innovative real estate trade transactions involving fee and leased properties have become the benchmark for the today’s corporate trade industry.

Jonathan’s talents, however, are not limited to real estate. Throughout his career in corporate trade, Jonathan has created financial structures around the purchase of a wide variety of excess consumer product inventories. His client relationships have allowed him to provide solutions to senior Finance, Operations, and Marketing people that enhance their advertising efforts and help them eliminate problematic inventories.

Prior to his career in trade, Jonathan was Director, Real Estate Capital Markets and Investment Banking for PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities LLC. He was responsible for the origination, placement and execution of real estate debt and equity/ mezzanine transactions nationally, as well as investment-grade equity investment sales of all property types throughout the U.S, with a particular emphasis on retail properties.

Jonathan is a licensed real estate broker in the State of New York and has been a speaker and/or contributor to CNBC, CoreNet Global, ICSC, New York University Real Estate Graduate Program, CBRE and NAI Global real estate conferences, National Real Estate Investor, and

“I’m thrilled to have been invited to join the Evergreen Trading’ team. Their media platform, corporate structure, and talented people will allow me to solve some surplus real estate problems in a way I’ve never before been able to.”

We caught Jonathan recently on video talking about the difference between Evergreen Trading and others in the corporate trade industry. Click here and take 60 seconds to see what he says.

Mark Ordover joins Evergreen Trading

Mark Ordover joins Evergreen Trading

Building client relationships that evolve into lasting friendships, inspiring dozens of salespeople while mentoring those new to corporate trade, and providing leadership within senior teams of diverse trading professionals. Those accomplishments and more have defined the twenty year Corporate Trade career of Mark Ordover, and we are now pleased to announce that Mark has chosen to join us at Evergreen Trading.

Given the requirement Corporate Trade places on one to develop a command of finance, business processes, and marketing, it's no surprise that Mark enjoyed an early background catered to each of these disciplines. Mark's education began with a communications degree from The Newhouse School at Syracuse University. He then started his  professional career as an account person within a New York advertising agency where he was responsible for servicing a wide array of both local and national clients. Subsequently, Mark earned his Masters in Finance at Columbia University and went back to work as an investment banker focused solely on media companies. These combinations of experiences and education give Mark a great view of the playing field for corporate trade.

With Evergreen Trading, Mark will be developing his own client relationships as well as working with individuals within our senior team to develop theirs, and to expand our trading services and partnerships.

For those of us fortunate to have previously worked with Mark, we are exited to again enjoy his infectious positive outlook and keen business acumen. Reflecting on his recent career move, Mark reminded us, "I love this business, and the chance it gives me to become close to some terrific people – clients and teammates becoming good friends and the abiity to see how our advice can help further drive the objectives and desires for our clients within their organizations."

Welcome aboard, Mark!