The benefits media trading can provide the automotive industry

The benefits media trading can provide the automotive industry

With the Los Angeles Auto Show coming up next week, we thought it worthwhile to outline a few of the benefits that trade can provide to automobile manufacturers and dealers.

2015 was a record year for the auto industry with an almost 9% increase in sales and within the first half of 2016, leases were up 13%. But the third quarter 2016 numbers are not so rosy, being the first time since the beginning of the great recession that vehicle sales have declined three months in a row.

Contributing the decline in sales is the record high average new car prices, the shrinking demand for vehicles by younger people due to the growing ubiquity of Uber and Lyft and that nearly a third of all car owners are under water on their purchase.

Media trade offers financial relief that cannot be gained by any other means to manufacturers and dealers . Placing a pre-determined portion of your planned advertising on TV, Radio, Print, Out-of -Home and Digital through Evergreen Trading can provide you with:

A sale of aged or obsolete inventory. Evergreen Trading will purchase new (used, zero miles) or used vehicles, parts, equipment, and other assets at full book value. Based on your stipulations and restrictions, Evergreen Trading will resell items at auction, direct to end user, or to your franchised dealers. This eliminates write-downs, improves cash flow, increases sales, and improves your bottom line.

Protection of lease-end residual values. Evergreen Trading will guarantee lease-end values providing protection against market fluctuations. On the marketing side, Evergreen Trading can support aggressive
lease end values to support monthly payment campaigns.

Protection against cost obligations of sales agreement in the event of dealership closing. Should you become obligated to purchase assets of a dealership, including real estate, as a result of dealership closing, Evergreen Trading can minimize your cost and improve your cash flow by purchasing those assets from you at up to their full book value.

Fleet Sales assistance. Evergreen Trading can support elements of the fleet sale transaction to ensure a successful bid. For example, with fleet buy-backs, we can purchase buy-backs and/or support aggressive buy-back price levels.