Buying unwanted sponsorships

BlimpYou invested in a sponsorship or media commitment, but as time passed, you either never utilized it or you’ve decided that you no longer want it. The station, venue, trade show, race car, etc. will not refund your investment, so what will you do? You want out.

Evergreen Trading will purchase that sponsorship from you at your original cost and resell it to a qualified buyer approved by the venue or organization. In exchange for our purchase, you will simply place a portion of your planned, budgeted advertising through Evergreen Trading.

The types of sponsorships we purchase:

  • Media commitments
  • Signage
  • Event sponsorships
  • Racing team sponsorships – space on the vehicle or ads associated with the team
  • Venue naming rights
  • Team Sports logo placement or related sponsorship
The purchase process will be is as follows:
  1. We discuss the sponsorship you wish evergreen-Partners to purchase along with its cost.
  2. Evergreen Trading reimburses you for the full cost of the sponsorship
  3. We discuss your advertising and determine an amount of media that would need to be placed in order for Evergreen Trading to purchase the sponsorship. The media can be any type of digital, broadcast, print or out-of-home advertising. All media is bought at net and done so at your costs and commercial terms, just as if you had bought it yourself.
  4. Evergreen Trading works together with the venue or media vendor to identify potential qualified buyers of the sponsorship.
  5. The sponsorship is sold at fair market value to the buyer approved by the venue or media vendor.