Buying short coded product for full price

One of the many types of inventory problems we solve is short coded products.

These inventories are particularly problematic in that as the clock ticks down, holding costs mount as the market value continues to fall.

Evergreen Trading is a leader in purchasing short coded products at up to full cost. Here are a few examples:

Brioche Buns

A national restaurant chain had an inventory of brioche buns due to expire in approximately one month. They certainly had accounts to whom they could sell this inventory, but the return was so low as to be unacceptable. They had very little time to shop for higher priced buyers. We bought the entire inventory at their full wholesale price and sold the buns into a state prison system in the south, which was thrilled to receive high quality product at such a reduced price.

We were able to pay our client the full price in exchange for their placement through us of a portion of their national TV advertising. All while working closely with their advertising agency.


Ice Cream

One of the world’s iconic brands of ice cream had short coded ice cream in three gallon tubs due to expire in six months. The holding costs of ice cream are particularly high due to the cost of keeping it frozen, so motivation was high to find a quick solution.

The client also had other discontinued flavors they wished to sell and Evergreen Trading purchased both at the full wholesale.

One of the unique benefits we provide our clients is our ability to find little known buyers of product such as the prison system mentioned above. In this case, we sold the ice cream inventory to an Amish community with a centralized refrigeration facility capable of storing and distributing the ice cream.


Over-the-Counter Medical Cream

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer had a very large inventory of a short-coded medical cream. The inventory was located throughout the world and had only six months of shelf life. Evergreen Trading’s challenge was to consolidate the inventory and resell it into the channels of which the client approved, and do so with enough time for the inventory to be sold to consumers.

Complicating the process was the fact that the cream could only be sold outside of the US. Evergreen Trading handled the financial logistics and transportation required to move all the product to its final buyer in the Middle East.

In the end, the client sold dozens of truckloads of this short coded product worth only 15 cents on the wholesale dollar for their full wholesale.