Brad Adgate on what big data is telling us about our media viewing habits

Our partnership with Horizon Media provides Evergreen Trading with a great many benefits, including access to some of the top media minds in the business. One such mind is the well-known encyclopedic media prognosticator Brad Adgate.

Brad is the SVP, Director of Research for Horizon, and has spent 30 years in media research providing his insights and knowledge to a myriad of news outlets, clients, and conference panels. In fact, Advertising Age named Brad the most quoted executive in the industry.

We recently asked Brad to speak to our senior staff in New York on trends within the broadcast media industry. In the hour Brad spoke, we each got a fascinating glimpse into the current trends in digital media, the evolving use of traditional media, and some entertaining media facts we probably couldn't have found anywhere else. 

In order to share this wealth of knowledge, we've created the first of what will be several short video excerpts pulled from that talk. In this three minute segment taken from early on in that hour, Brad illustrates the direction the country is going in terms of the devices we use to consume our media, the surprising habits of using those devices concurrently as we watch, and the significant growing role Twitter plays in our media viewing.

Click to watch this three-minute excerpt called, Brad Adgate on what big data is telling us about our media viewing habits.

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