The benefits of multiple media trade suppliers

You company is currently involved in a media trading relationship. You’ve sold a corporate asset to the trading company and they have been placing advertising for you.

The trade relationship is working for your organization, but recently you’ve questioned whether you’re getting the maximum trade value and are now considering a second trade vendor. After all, there probably aren’t many important sourcing areas in which you have only one supplier, and you’re starting to think that trade might benefit from competing vendors as well.

Multiple source trade vendors provide several advantages

•  Alternative deal structures to make sure that the trade arrangement always best fits your financial and operational needs
•  Pricing bids on your advertising placement to ensure you are getting the highest trade value for each buy
•  The greatest chance for receiving innovative services from your trade programs. Corporate Trade is evolving, and you want to be aware of new programs for maximizing asset returns and media delivery. Are you confident that your current sole supplier can offer you the most cutting edge barter products and is best positioned for the future?

Tips for setting up multiple vendors for success

  1. Consider the strengths of each trade supplier. While one firm may be strongest in broadcast, another may have strength in print. Use each according to their particular strengths.
  2. Keep in mind that you and/or your advertising agency will need to keep track of the buys of each trade company. This is another reason for assigning particular mediums to each company–easier to track and keep organized.
  3. While the ratio of cash to trade is important in selecting a trading company, don’t let that be the primary criteria. Consider their media expertise, the people who will work your account, and their ability to provide you the logistic support needed for inventories and other assets.

Consider a competing offer from Evergreen-Partners so that both management and company stakeholders are confident that you are getting the greatest value possible from corporate trade.