Corporate trade isn’t just about inventory

cash (1)If you’re like many, when you think about corporate trade, you associate it with getting rid of last season’s unsold widgets, short coded salad dressing or returned consumer electronics. And while corporate trade works very well getting rid of those types of inventories, you are probably missing out on an even more important benefit of this powerful financial service.

Media trading is at the heart of the corporate trade process. Evergreen Trading, through the in-house trading division of Horizon Media, acquires advertising time and space by trading goods and services to the media vendors instead of paying full price in cash. Because of those trades, our cost for that media is lower. The difference between our client’s normal cost of media for which we bill them and our lower trade cost provides us with a source of cash. What do we do with that cash? Yes, we can buy back inventories from you at a much greater price, but we can help you do much more.

What problem would you solve or what opportunity would you embrace if you had additional cash beyond your current budget? Would you buy a sponsorship for which you lacked funds this year? Would you invest in a loyalty program that was previously too costly? Would you buy more digital media to gain a wider promotion of your brand?

You see, any of these investments can now be made because you have a new source of cash. And unlike any other source of cash, this one has no hard cost.

As an example, say you want to acquire a sponsorship at this season’s Superbowl that costs $100,000. Ask Evergreen Trading to place $600,000 of your broadcast or digital media and we may be able to write you a check for $100,000. It all depends on your media plans and specifications. We will do a quick review of your upcoming media and get back to you with the exact amount of your media we’ll need to place in order to generate the $100,000 in cash.

As long as your media is placed just as you or your agency would directly place it, a newfound source cash has been created for you. You now have a Superbowl sponsorship without having to touch your marketing budget.

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