Apparel industry advertising trends

Evergreen Trading recently conducted a study on the advertising spending trends within the apparel industry over the past three years. We looked at the spending within the nine major ad mediums in order to shed some light on how the leading manufacturers and retailers are allocating their dollars, and how those allocations are shifting year to year. In order to make this more relevant to the larger apparel advertisers, we included only brands that spent a minimum of $100,000 per year for any of the nine ad mediums. All numbers came from Kantar Media.

Not surprising, digital and out of home advertising are on the rise. They increased a combined 8% in 2015 over the prior two year average. The biggest decrease we see is in print and radio, with magazines dropping nearly 11% and network radio dropping over 11%.

Apparel retailers and manufacturers understandably have different messages.  After all they utilize the ad mediums differently. Our study uncovered the fairly dramatic contrast in spending by those sectors specifically in print and television.

Feel free to click the image below to download the graphic and dig a bit deeper into the data. We hope that this analysis provides you with some valuable perspective on how your spending compares to the apparel industry in general.


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