Another answer to: How to evolve your traditional retail media plan into an effective digital strategy

Sheri-Roder-Headshot-2013Knowing that there are many possible answers to the question, we posed it recently to Sheri Roder, who leads the WHY Group at Horizon Media. 

The WHY Group is immersed in asking the important questions of WHY consumers act the way they do. The understanding of consumer behaviors uncovered by the WHY Group allows advertisers to better navigate their media choices. Sheri answered the question this way:

My initial response is that the answer isn’t an all or nothing proposition. It’s having the right mix of ALL relevant communications mediums, depending on a) their goals—business and marketing; b) their brand and c) their ideal customer.

Creative plays a huge role here as well. The best, smartest most effective media plan in the world cannot make up for poor creative.  How you talk about your brand/entity is critical. A media agency can ensure the right people get your message (whether digital/social/mobile/TV/Audio)  but if the message itself isn’t compelling then you’ve already failed.

Smart CMOS own their brand, put themselves (not a junior person) in charge of their brand and work with a select group of core agency folks to make sure all the pieces are working together – that everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet, if you will.

Finally, if you’ve only dabbled in the digital space—if most of your spend is in TV/Print/Audio- then do a scaled test in the digital space.  Take a leap in a testing scenario; have realistic and measurable KPIs; and try some new things. View it as a learning opportunity to see how you can work within this new space to make it profitable. Because the world is moving this way; new customers are coming in and retailers need to understand how to communicate with them in their language and space—which is more and more digitally-based.

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