A new trading alliance is formed with Horizon Media

Evergreen Trading is pleased to announce its new strategic joint-venture with Horizon Media, Inc. for the creation of Eden Road Trading.

Horizon Media is the largest U.S. independent media services company with estimated billings of $2.5 billion and has established itself as the fastest growing agency in the industry. Headquartered in New York City with a full service office in Los Angeles, Horizon also has offices in San Diego, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Eden Road Trading is a division of Horizon Media that will now provide the benefits of corporate trading to Horizon’s clients. Evergreen Trading will provide the corporate trading expertise and disposition of inventory, real estate and other client assets, with Horizon Media ensuring the high quality delivery of advertising of which their clients have become accustomed.

“Eden road is the latest in Horizon’s ongoing effort to augment our core offering with complementary client services,” said Vinnie O’Toole, General Manager, Eden Road Trading. “For many of our clients, this service will be more than a vehicle for increasing brand exposure. It will be a necessary and responsible financial measure that improves their bottom line.”

Aaron Cohen, Horizon’s Executive Vice President and chief of media negotiations will continue to oversee all media buys for Horizon Media. “Eden Road Trading is an innovative extension of the agency’s holistic approach to brand marketing and media solutions.  I look forward to being able to present to clients this extended offering as a media and business strategy enhancement,” said Cohen.

We at Evergreen Trading are thrilled to be aligning ourselves with an agency of Horizon’s impeccable reputation and outstanding media capabilities. Horizon’s core philosophy and tagline, “Business is Personal”, mirrors our beliefs at Evergreen Trading and makes for a strong partnership.  This new service will bring tremendous benefits to Horizon’s clients, allowing them to pay for a portion of their advertising using excess inventory, surplus real estate and obsolete capital equipment.

For more information, visit EdenRoadTrading.com or call Gordon Zellner at 303.670.3100.

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