5 compelling reasons for Marketing to embrace trade (with Evergreen Trading)

Boy with 5 fingersCorporate trade has been around for more than 50 years, and much of the Fortune 1000 have used it to alleviate their excess inventories or surplus real estate problems. Given trade’s long history and the significant number of trading firms that have provided their services, it’s not surprising that within your organization there may be push-back from various individuals, chief among them, the people who oversee marketing and media buying.

Especially for consumer product companies, marketing and advertising are the lifeblood of the organization. So, no marketing person wants their carefully developed media plans compromised. Here are five very good reasons why Marketing can embrace trade when done with Evergreen Trading.

1. The portion of media that you place through us is YOUR media, not ours. Your rates, your markets, your chosen magazines, your commercial terms, and your schedule. We are simply placing the schedule you provide to us.

2. Horizon Media is doing your media buy.  The portion of media we place for you is being bought by the largest independent media placement company in the world – Horizon Media. With $3.5 billion in broadcast, print, outdoor, and digital media placed annually, you will gain the full resources of this award-winning placement agency at no cost. There are no fees or commissions paid to either Evergreen Trading or Horizon Media.

3. To reap the full benefit of the transaction, you’ll place less media through us. We enjoy a cost advantage over other trading companies because of our market position, buying tools, resources, and our significant cash buying clout. That cost advantage translates into a higher percentage of trade that you use to pay for your media resulting in less overall media placed on your behalf. Our time together will be shorter.

4. All media placed through us is bought at net, allowing for full normal commission of your advertising agency. We are not taking the place of your advertising agency. In fact, your agency plays an important role by providing us with the media schedule and commercial terms that we implement on your behalf.

5. We can create transaction structures that provide significant financial benefit to marketing. In our view, Marketing shouldn’t simply be accommodating the financial, sales, and operational needs of the organization through the placement of their media. We look for Marketing to gain through either our delivery of additional media for the existing budget, or to put incremental dollars into Marketing’s media budget.

One additional reason for Marketing to embrace trade with Evergreen Trading is the transparency with which we lay bare the inner workings of our media acquisision, our role and relationship with you as a client, and our guidance on how to gain the most from the transaction and measure the result.

To that end, we have published a short white paper called, Your Marketing Advantage. Click here to download it. This document will empower you to make an informed decision on how to best evaluate trade for your organization’s marketing. And, let us know how else we can provide you with a benefit to your marketing and media efforts using corporate trade. We’d like to hear from you.

About Mike Lake

Mike is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Evergreen Trading. When not playing jazz trombone he is probably obsessing about writing content that will capture the attention and interest of business people and fellow learning junkies everywhere.


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